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Lebensteppich - Das Coachingtool | entwickelt von Thomas Oetzmann
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Have you ever watched someone knot a carpet? It requires meticulous handwork by the weaver who needs to pick the right threads in the right colours and place the knots carefully and evenly so that an image is created.


Only after several hours of work parts of the final picture can be recognised.


This process is similar to life, since we also aim to create certain life images by utilizing our talents. Sometimes we can only later recognise the important role a person or situation played in our life thus far, and a specific part of the bigger motif becomes clear.

Thomas_Oetzmann_profilThomas Oetzmann

is an experienced coach who passionately accompanies people through changes in their life – a topic closely related to his own vita.

 This method was created while looking for an impactful tool to connect his clients with their entire life (past, present and future).




The TAPESTRY OF MY LIFE  enables you to get in touch with your own life on a visual and playful level.

Strengths and potentials will be clearly recognizable after looking back on your life so far.

The interaction with the coach will promote self-reflection and will help you to: 

… visualise your skills and employment possibilities 

… find the environment in which your personality will work best

… perceive and reshape your future as a time full of potential

After finishing the first 90-minute session, you will have your TAPESTRY OF MY LIFE and your wish list with approaches for a purposeful life.

The TAPESTRY OF MY LIFE  experience is available as an individual session or participation in a group workshop.


Find a coach

This tool is necessary for every experienced coach. It shows excellent results in finding out about the coachee’s identity, strengths and finiteness and supports the decision-making process by visualization.


The TAPESTRY OF MY LIFE  certificate identifies you as a professional and establishes trust with your clients.



The certification takes places in a one day seminar:

• Participation in life planning/ TAPESTRY OF MY LIFE workshop (3h)

• Detailed introduction to the coach’s role with practical application

• Detailed introduction to the accompanying materials

• Overview of possible applications of this tool

Next seminars (in German):

April 16, 2018 | Düsseldorf
September 10, 2018 | Lüneburg
November 20, 2018 | Roggenburg

The events are organised by xpand Germany, please register here:

Telephone: ++49 0821 217 00086  c.engst@xpand.eu

The seminar price of 585 Euro includes materials, certification, lunch and drinks.

For more information, please click here.

We also offer certification in English language. If you are interested, please contact us.



I’m so happy that my wife has remembered our common dream.

It has once again become our common theme and it provides us direction no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

It was important to see the times at which I excelled most at my job, and how many years are still left to be filled. It was also good to visualize the goals we have in common and what we can/need to do today to achieve them.

I have been made aware to all of this through the tapestry of my life and continue to work on myself every day. – C.E

Simply gave me a good overview of the past and the future of my life by providing a strong foundation. Thank you so much! – G.O.

It opened my eyes to the fact I need to prepare myself for my pension far more. It also gave me clarity over all the good options I have with my skill set. – F.B.

While drawing, different images came up that I wasn’t aware of before. The fact that my father had invested so much into me at the young age of five is something I will forever be grateful for. I was only able to see this connection through the use of illustration and symbols. Thank you. –  A.B.


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