Changes are part of our life. To make seasons of change a success , we need to take the time to consciously look at and evaluate a situation. This results in clarity, strength and confidence for a fresh start.

During everyday life we are so busy most of the time that we don’t have the peace of mind to sort out our thoughts and think them through until the end. Stop the rat race for three hours and actively shape your future. Identify the strengths, competences, character traits and values that have positively impacted your life to clearly see the potential of your future.

Thomas Oetzmann

Thomas Oetzmann

is an experienced coach who passionately accompanies people through changes in their life – a topic closely related to his own vita. The Tapestry of my Life© method was created as an impactful tool to connect clients with themselves and their past and future life.



Whether you are single or in a couple, with children at home or empty-nesters, future-oriented pensioner or career changer, whether you go through an important life change or are simply interested in taking a closer look at what talents, interests and skills been endowed to you, you shouldn’t miss our workshops

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Slide I’m so happy that my wife has remembered our common dream. It has once again become our common theme and it provides us direction no matter what obstacles lie ahead. It was important to see the times at which I excelled most at my job, and how many years are still left to be filled. It was also good to visualize the goals we have in common and what we can/need to do today to achieve them. I have been made aware to all of this through the tapestry of my life and continue to work on myself every day.

– C.E. –
Slide Simply gave me a good overview of the past and the future of my life by providing a strong foundation. Thank you so much!

– G.O. –
Slide It opened my eyes to the fact I need to prepare myself for my pension far more. It also gave me clarity over all the good options I have with my skill set.

– F.B. –
Slide While drawing, different images came up that I wasn’t aware of before. The fact that my father had invested so much into me at the young age of five is something I will forever be grateful for. I was only able to see this connection through the use of illustration and symbols. Thank you.

– A.B. –